The complete manual

By the developers

V 2.4

Table of Contents

I. User Guide
1. A Geographic Information Management System for all
1.1. Introduction
What is GeoNetwork opensource
Background and evolution
The use of International Standards
Harvesting geospatial data in a shared environment
1.2. GeoNetwork and the Open Source Community Development
2. Getting Started
2.1. Default Search
2.2. Searching by Categories
2.3. Advanced Search
2.4. Analysing Search Results
2.5. Privileges, roles and user groups
3. Viewing and Analysing the Data
3.1. Meta Data Description
Identification Section
Distribution Section
Reference System Section
Data Quality Section
Metadata Information Section
4. Adding new Data and Information
4.1. Creating a New Record using the Metadata Editor on line
The steps in more details
Switching Editing Views from Default to Advanced to XML View
Using basic commands of the editor
4.2. Entering Metadata for your Map
Entering Metadata For Your Map
Creating a Thumbnail
Linking data for download
Assigning Privileges for a Map
Assigning Categories for a Map
4.3. Uploading a New Record using the XML Metadata Insert Tool
5. Metadata in Spatial Data Management
5.1. What is Metadata?
5.2. What are Metadata Standards?
5.3. Why do we need Standardised Metadata?
5.4. Geographic Information Metadata Standard
5.5. Metadata profiles
5.6. Transition between metadata standards
6. Installing the software
6.1. New version - New functionalities
6.2. Where do I get the installer?
6.3. System requirements
Additional Software
Supported browsers
6.4. How do I install GeoNetwork opensource?
On Windows
Installation using the platform independent installer
Command line installation
II. Administrator Guide
7. Basic configuration
7.1. System configuration
Site General site parameters.
Catalogue services (CSW, Z39.50)
Proxy configuration
Email & notification
Removed metadata
8. User and Group Administration
8.1. Creating new user Groups
8.2. Creating new Users
8.3. User Profiles
9. Import facilities
9.1. File import
XML file import
MEF file import
XML metadata insert
9.2. Batch import
Structured import
10. Harvesting
10.1. Introduction
10.2. Mechanism overview
10.3. Harvesting life cycle
10.4. Multiple harvesting and hierarchies
10.5. General notes and issues
GeoNetwork harvesting type
WebDAV harvesting type
CSW harvesting type
OAI-PMH harvesting type
OGC service harvesting type
10.6. The main page
Harvesting result tips
10.7. Adding new nodes
Adding a GeoNetwork node
Adding a Web DAV node
Adding a CSW node
Adding an OAI-PMH node
Adding an OGC Service (ie. WMS, WFS, WCS)
11. Metadata ownership
11.1. Introduction
11.2. Access policy
11.3. Privileges
11.4. Transfer Ownership
12. Thesaurus
12.1. Introduction
12.2. Thesaurus / SKOS format
12.3. Thesaurus administration
Creation of a new thesaurus
Import existing thesaurus
12.4. Editing/browsing thesaurus: add/remove/browse keywords
12.5. Metadata editing: adding keywords
12.6. Search criteria: keywords
13. GeoNetwork’s Administrator Survival Tool - GAST
13.1. What is GAST?
13.2. Starting GAST
13.3. Operating modes
13.4. Tools subdivision
13.5. Server and Account configuration dialogue
14. Localisation
14.1. Localisation of dynamic user interface elements
15. Import / export tools
15.1. Introduction
15.2. Import
15.3. Export
III. Server Reference
16. Software development
16.1. System Requirements
16.2. Running the software with a servlet engine
16.3. Development
Compiling GeoNetwork
Source code documentation
Creating the installer
17. Harvesting
17.1. Structure
JavaScript code
Java code
XSL stylesheets
17.2. Data storage
17.3. Guidelines
18. Metadata Exchange Format v1.1
18.1. Introduction
18.2. File format
18.3. The info.xml file
Date format
19. XML Services
19.1. Calling specifications
Calling XML services
Exception handling
19.2. General services
19.3. Harvesting services
19.4. System configuration
19.5. MEF services
Metadata ownership
19.6. Relations
19.7. Schema information
20. Settings hierarchy
20.1. Introduction
20.2. The system hierarchy
20.3. Harvesting nodes
Nodes of type GeoNetwork
Nodes of type geonetwork20
Nodes of type WebDAV
Nodes of type CSW
A. Frequently Asked Questions
B. Glossary of Metadata Fields Description
C. ISO Topic Categories
D. Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial Information Systems
D.1. Web Map Server software
D.2. GIS Desktop software
D.3. Web Map Viewer and Map Server Management

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