4.3 Uploading a New Record using the XML Metadata Insert Tool

A more advanced procedure to upload a new metadata record in the GeoNetwork system is using an XML document. This procedure is particularly useful for users who already have metadata in XML format, for instance created by some GIS application. To this regard, it has to be noted that the metadata must be in one of the standards used by GeoNetwork: ISO19115, FGDC and Dublin Core.

To start the metadata uploading process through the XML Metadata Insert tool, you should log in (see Step. 1. in paragraph 7.1.1) and select the appropriate option from the Administration page (Figure 4.17, “Administration panel”).

Figure 4.17. Administration panel

Administration panel

The main part of the page Import XML Formatted Metadata that is displayed (Figure 4.18, “XML metadata import tool”) is the Metadata text area, where the user can paste the XML metadata to import. Below this, there is the Type choice, which allows you select the type of record that you are going to create (Metadata, Template and Subtemplate). Then you can apply a stylesheet to convert your metadata input from ArcCatalog8 to ISO1915 or from ISO19115 to ISO19139, if required. Otherwise you can just leave none selected. The Destination schema list provides you with four options to choose the final standard layout for your metadata (ISO19115, ISO19139, FGDC and Dublin Core). Finally you should select the Group as main group in charge of the metadata and the Category that you want to assign to your metadata. By clicking the Insert button the metadata is imported into the system; please note that all links to external files, for instance to thumbnails or data for download, have to be removed from the metadata input, to avoid any conflict within the data repository.

Figure 4.18. XML metadata import tool

XML metadata import tool

If your metadata is already in ISO19115 format, the main actions to be performed are the following (Figure 4.19, “XML metadata import 2”):

  1. Paste the XML file that contains the metadata information in the Metadata text area;

  2. Select Metadata as type of record that you are going to create

  3. Select the metadata schema ISO19139 that will be the final destination schema;

  4. Select the validate check box if you want your metadata to be validated according to the related schema.

  5. Select the group in charge of the metadata from the drop down list;

  6. Select Maps and Graphics from the list of categories;

  7. Click the Insert button and the metadata will be imported into the system.

Figure 4.19. XML metadata import 2

XML metadata import 2

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