8.3 User Profiles

Users can have different profiles depending on their role in the GeoNetwork system. A profile defines what tasks the user can perform.

User profiles are hierarchical and based on inheritance. This means that a user with an Editor profile can create and modify new metadata records, but can also use all functions a Registered user can use.

Rights associated with the profiles are illustrated in detail in the list below:

  1. Administrator Profile

    The Administrator has special privileges that give access to all available functions. These include:

    • Full rights for creating new groups and new users

    • Rights to change users/groups’ profiles

    • Full rights for creating/editing/deleting new/old metadata

    • Perform system administration and configuration tasks.

  2. User Administrator Profile

    The User Administrator is the administrator of his/her own group with the following privileges:

    • Full rights on creating new users within the own group

    • Rights to change users profiles within the own group

    • Full rights on creating/editing/ deleting new/old data within the own group

  3. Content Reviewer Profile

    The content reviewer is the only person allowed to give final clearance on the metadata publication on the Intranet and/or on the Internet:

    • Rights on reviewing metadata content within the own group and authorising its publication

  4. Editor Profile

    The editor works on metadata with following privileges:

    • Full rights on creating/editing/ deleting new/old data within the own group

  5. Registered User Profile

    The Registered User has more access privileges than non-authenticated Guest users:

    • Right to download protected data

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