9. Import facilities

9.1 File import

The file import facility allows you to import metadata records in XML format or MEF format or copy/paste XML metadata to insert. In order to use this facility, you have to be logged in as an administrator. After the login step, go to the administration page and select the Metadata insert link.

Clicking the link, you will reach the metadata import file's page as illustrated in Figure 9.1, “ The XML file import options ”. You have to specify a set of parameters to make the import working. Depending on the insert type you will perform:

XML file import

Figure 9.1.  The XML file import options

The XML file import options

For both, XML and MEF file import, you could choose actions to be performed at import. Import actions options are: No action on import (nothing done during import process), Overwrite metadata with same UUID (this option will delete existing metadata with the same UUID, and add the new one), Generate UUID for inserted metadata (this option will force a new UUID for each metadata inserted).

Stylesheet option: This is a powerful option because allows you to specify a stylesheet for an XSL transformation. The drop down control is filled with files taken from the web/xsl/conversion/import folder: all XSL files you put there will be made available. This is a dynamic process so you don’t have to restart GeoNetwork. The purpose of this option is to allow the conversion of a metadata into a suitable format that is supported by GeoNetwork. Validate option: This is a simple validation step that you can choose to perform. The metadata is validated against its schema. Group option: You have to select a group to associate to the imported metadata. Usually the group is the creator of the metadata set. Category option: You can specify one category to associate to your metadata in order to simplify the search.

MEF file import

Figure 9.2.  The MEF file import options

The MEF file import options

As presented before, only actions options could be selected during a MEF import.

XML metadata insert

Figure 9.3.  The XML insert options

The XML insert options

Choosing the radio button Copy/Paste, you could perform an XML insert, directly copy/pasting your metadata record. Please refer to XML import for options you could use. Note that it is not possible to perform actions during import with this method.

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