13.5 Server and Account configuration dialogue

Some of the GAST’s tools access a running GeoNetwork application. Usually, GAST connects to GeoNetwork using the connection parameters it finds on the installation folder but you can specify other parameters in order to connect to other instances. This is required when the GeoNetwork instance is not running on the embedded Jetty server. In addition to that, some tools require authentication so account parameters must be provided.

To provide these parameters, you have to use the GAST ’s configuration dialogue. To open the dialogue, select Options >> Config from the menu bar. You will get the dialogue shown in Figure 13.2, “ The configuration dialogue ”.

Figure 13.2.  The configuration dialogue

The configuration dialogue

The dialogue is subdivided into 2 areas: Server Tells GAST how to connect to a running GeoNetwork. If you select the embedded option, GAST will get the connection parameters from the installation directory. Alternatively, if you use Tomcat or an external servlet container you have to choose the external option and provide the connection parameters yourself. Remember that this will work only for tools which operating mode is Running. For all the others, GAST will access the parameters from the installation directory. Account Some tools require authentication. To authenticate, simply select the Use this account option and provide the username and password of a valid account. These parameters will work for both the embedded instance and for any external instance.

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