18. Metadata Exchange Format v1.1

18.1 Introduction

The metadata exchange format (MEF in short) is a special designed file format whose purpose is to allow metadata exchange between different platforms. A metadata exported into this format can be imported by any platform which is able to understand it. This format has been developed with GeoNetwork in mind so the information it contains is mainly related to it. Nevertheless, it can be used as an interoperability format between any platform.

This format has been designed with these needs in mind:

  1. Export a metadata record for backup purposes

  2. Import a metadata record from a previous backup

  3. Import a metadata record from a different GeoNetwork version to allow a smooth migration from one version to another.

All these operations regard the metadata and its related data as well.

In the paragraphs below, some terms should be intended as follows:

  1. the term actor is used to indicate any system (application, service etc...) that operates on metadata.

  2. the term reader will be used to indicate any actor that can import metadata from a MEF file.

  3. the term writer will be used to indicate any actor that can generate a MEF file.

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